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Secrets and Lies | Temporada 2. Trailer

Primeiro trailer para a segunda temporada da série ABC, Secrets and Lies. Juliette Lewis regressa para o elenco juntamente com Michael Ealy, Jordana Brewster, Terry O’Quinn, Charlie Barnett, Mekia Cox, Kenny Johnson e AnnaLynne McCord.

Segundo a informação oficial: "The new episodes will follow the story of Eric Warner, a well-educated newlywed and heir to his family’s private equity firm in Charlotte, N.C. While attending a party to honor his dad’s (O’Quinn) retirement, Eric’s wife (Brewster) is murdered, forcing Eric to turn to Detective Andrea Cornell to find the truth. Eric quickly becomes the focus of Cornell’s investigation as she attempts to track down Kate’s killer — and she just might have the right guy this time."

Innocent men have gone to prison talking to you. Not this time. 


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