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Rumor | Idris Elba em True Detective 3?


Idris Elba em entrevista ao The Huffington Post:

You worked with Cary Fukunaga, of course, who helmed “True Detective” Season 1 -- one of the best things I’ve ever watched on television. Tell me about working with him and witnessing his process.

Cary Fukunaga is a tour de force. He’s very, very smart, very compassionate, collaborative. He gave me a lot of sort of license to build my character, and he’s one of the best directors in the world and a future star. He deserves an Oscar, no doubt. And I’d love to work with him again. We built a special bond over making this film and I hope we continue to make films for the rest of our lives.

Yeah, let’s see a “True Detective” Season 3 with you and Cary back. That could be pretty cool.

“True Detective” Season 3 … I like the way you’re thinking!

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